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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Getting Back To It

Hi everyone...I'm back from my travels around France, I had an amazing time although at times it was very cold! As you can see from the picture above I couldn't quite leave my flea market addiction alone whilst away and managed to get a couple of beautiful postcards, a book and an envelope complete with letter inside as well as two small pocket calenders from this market we stumbled across in Clamecy. I had slight disappointment at the time as I was completely ripped off for the lot, spending 18 Euros (I'm a sucker for all things old) but things got worse after we returned to our campsite later in the day. When I came to take out my treasures from the camera case they had been in since buying them.......the two small calenders were gone, I think I've only just managed to get over it! at least I have the memory of them.....

I've also moved back into my newly decorated studio.....which is so much better than being cramped up on my dining table! I start back at uni next Monday so I'm busy doing last minute work to bulk up the summer work I've already done......and preparing for writing my dissertation.....eek! I 'll pop up some crafty posts in a few days to get us back on track...take it easy!

Friday, 11 September 2009

Digital Misfit Embroidery

I'm astounded by this piece of Embroidery by Digital Misfit! Apparently it's her 3rd attempt at Embroidery, stitched mostly in split-stitch with 2 ply black thread, the hair is randomly stitched with 1 ply of a fuzzy eyelash yarn. Check out her Flickr Photostream at to see more of her work.

On another note............Sorry for the lack of posts over the coming few weeks, I'm currently decorating my studio so there isn't much work being made at the moment although I'll still be rummaging through all things craft-like on the web when I can. I'm off on holiday for the next week, my trusty canon camera will be coming with us so I'm bound to get snap happy! The photos will be posted on my Flickr Photostream upon my return so until then, take care and stay crafty.........

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Manbroidery by Bren Ahearn

Check out this Manbroidery by Bren Ahearn......Using a cross stitch on a plain weave pattern, he's stitched the sole of a flip flop! I strongly recommend you look at his Flickr Photostream at this guys work is amazing and don't forget to let me know what you think........

Friday, 4 September 2009

Angharad Jefferson

As I was trawling through Flickr groups the other day I came across some great pieces by Angharad Jefferson, an Illustrator/ Embroiderer who uses both media to produce Textile Canvas' as well as other products. I fell in love with this cheeky chap called 'Hamish' who features with many other characters in the categories section of her website, to take a peek at more of her work go to